Social Outreach Director It Gets Better Greece. Leaders can also encourage cognitive diversity in their day-to-day practices. Psychology of Diversity-Teaching Fellow Welcome: Julian McNeil. Diversity is a key element of the modern landscape, but left unchecked, it can impair both performance and learning. Why do they earn different wages? The antidote: psychological safety. Participating in research can help you decide whether a PhD is right for you and, if you do apply, makes you a stronger applicant. Is there a certain path that all countries follow as they become more economically prosperous, or do issues concerning men's and women's work differ dramatically across countries because of cultural reasons? Find new ideas and classic advice for global leaders from the world's best business and management experts. The program trains scholars who are able to draw on the concepts and methods of psychology and sociology in conducting research on behavior and management within complex … The PhD program in organizational behavior is an interfaculty program offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) at Harvard University and faculty at Harvard Business School (HBS). PSYC S-1507 Psychology of Diversity, Harvard Summer School & Harvard Extension School. OpenScholar View the eBook (Harvard Key required) ... diversity, and microaggressions - explores the characteristics, dynamics, and meaning behind discussions about race as well as the hidden "ground rules" that inhibit honest and productive dialogue. The central focus of the course is on the links between diver Since 2002 she has been Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University while also serving as the first Carol K. Pforzheimer Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and as the George A. and Helen Dunham Cowan Chair in Human Dynamics at the Santa Fe Institute. The United States is increasingly diverse and the world increasingly globalized. Admin Login. Sep 2016 – Present 3 years 9 months. You can contact our research team ( or Harvard's Committee on the Use of Human Subjects ( for answers to pertinent questions about the research and your rights, as well as in the event of a research-related injury to yourself. Harvard University 2011 | PSYC S-1507 "Professor Weissmark's course on the psychology of diversity gave me the knowledge to better interpret human behavior and the compassion to understand how to work with people around the complex issues of group identification and belonging. If you are looking for a short-term research experience, consider a paid summer internship organized by GSAS, Harvard departments, and Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals. LEVERAGING ... Harvard researcher Debora Soleand I showed that team members at specific locations can develop situated knowledge, or site-specific work practices and understanding, that PSYC S-1507 Psychology of Diversity. We consider several basic questions, including: PSYCH S-1507: Psychology of Diversity | Mona Sue Weissmark, PhD The central focus of the course is on the links between diversity and psychological processes at individual, interpersonal, and international levels. Why do men and women tend to cluster into different occupations?