I have to ask, were the bushings greased during install? Slickoleum grease has been used as suspension grease going on 28 years with outstanding feedback from our customers. Surprised me that one of your test greases had “moly” added to the lithium formula to be honest. Unique and proprietary formulation combines industrial strength cleaners with a powerful spray to ensure maximum cleanliness while leaving a dry and residue free surface. Prothane, Energy Suspension, and Daystar weathered the 6 inch powerwashing noticeably better than all the other lubricants. Yeah, the tackiness is a pretty important factor. for your liking, we get it! In talking with different poly bushing manufacturers we got the consensus that lithium grease isn’t recommended. RUBBER LUBRICANT. In a pinch, if you have dielectic grease that’s silicone based with a PTFE additive then you would probably be ok putting it on polyurethane bushings, but there could be unintended effects because of other additives. my super pro bushings were 100% dry after 3 months on a road and show car, So if I use the silicone based lubricant this time on the outside of the bushings do you recommend using the same lubricant on the bolts and sleeves? The bushing manufacturer advised against heating the bushing above 200 degrees for long so we set the heat and waited 5 hours. Thanks in anticipation **2021 Fox and RockShox Suspension Products. Some manufacturers use grooves, knurling, cross-hatching, etc. Hell, even stick a pure nylon washer on the end if you are experiencing metal on metal problems. Testing this would require some long-term observation and the sources we spoke with were not able to provide any hard facts regarding this. You can email them to datateam@suspension.com and we’ll add them to the bottom of your comment. This has a lot to do with the adhesion of the grease to the polyurethane surface, though some of the manufacturers have warned that lithium-based lubes might cause the bushings to dry out over time. Oddly enough a jeeper friend of mine said a manufacturer told him to only use white lithium. If you were looking for a definitive reason to use the manufacturer’s grease it doesn’t get much more plain than that. Most brands of poly bushings have their own grease that will come with the part (and we recommend using that) but a silicone PTFE grease is a good substitute. In fact, rubber bushings do not need to be greased at all! It works great in a closed system like your engine where metal on metal parts are creating enormous amounts of friction and heat, but polyurethane bushings are not sealed and when your suspension travels whatever lubricant is between the bushing and the metal is going to be exposed to the elements. This is the main reason many poly bushing manufacturers use a silicone base in their grease. Especially if a lot of water or mud is being thrown around under your vehicle. Other than that there are many stop gap measures but for noiseless operation and the well being of the bushing you should apply the manufacturer’s grease upon installation and when you begin to hear squeaking or 5 years after install, whichever comes first. Slickoleum is also an exceptional lubricant for standard O-rings as well as seals. Sometimes bushing kits will be assembled before shipping to make sure that all the correct parts are included or to reduce package size and save shipping costs. Here are the results. Another questions, when I lubricate the greaseable bolts should I expect the lubricant to actually squeeze between the bushing halves and work it’s way to the outside of the bushing? The 1-ounce container is more than enough for at least a year's worth of maintenance, as you don't need that much grease for the job. (You don't want to put it in the fridge to cool or again, you'll end up with some nasty, lumpy lube.) Park Tool HPG-1 High Performance Grease 4.8 out of 5 stars 795. 0VU01418 0VU01419 0VU01420. It is good to refresh your old grease from time to time to keep everything working properly, especially if you are in mud, slush, or water on a regular basis. 68002256AA. My bushings got dry and really started to make horrid noises. The same thing has been said of Teflon tape, spray lube, and several other options. Anytime we bring up grease for poly bushings with the manufacturers the answer is always “Use the provided grease. it was almost impossible to remove the center steel bush to relube, i’m thinking of trying copper grease Thanks for sharing the greasing option Mark and good luck. You can use it with latex condoms. The unofficial industry standard for poly bushing grease is that you should not notice squeaking for about 5 years (or ever as some brands like SuperPro claim) if the proper grease is used during installation. Energy Suspension doesn’t carry their grease in cartridges but you can buy Formula 5 in quantity (up to a gallon) and fill a bulk grease gun with Formula 5. Since no one stocks silicone grease locally I had to put on a thin film of red lithium grease to re-install them, but I will get some silicone grease once I get some new shackles with zerks. It isn’t worth paying for a service, but there are things you can do at … according to dave moss. INTRODUCTION. But regardless of any alternatives, you shouldn't expect the same results as Prothane's option. Thank you to all our customers for your trade and support in 2020 - The TF Tuned Team! from all the reviews i have read, this grease is the best grease you can use on your stanchions of your suspension. If not, here's what to know about, “People often forget that vaseline is very safe and effective to use on both penises and vaginas,” says Michael Ingber, MD, a urologist and urogynecologist at Garden State Urology. Another concern is that some of the additives in grease that is designed for machine application (chassis and bearing grease) could have, as yet unknown, effects on poly bushings. We don’t have any first-hand experience with that lubricant but it appears to have some of the earmarks of good poly bushing grease, such as a silicone oil base, but there are some issues. No, this is not a sterile, precise laboratory test. i have a 92 leaf sprung jeep (OME springs) I am pulling out all the bushing and regreasing them. Most light metals such as lithium, aluminum, sodium, and contain premium! On as a liquid and sets dry as a lubricant as it requires a little Super! Also have greaseable bolts on all the bushing manufacturer advised against heating the above! Stick around and keep the bushings themselves, knurling, cross-hatching, etc pull apart! And entertainment `` fibrous '' of these is aluminum based grease held up the grease! Pics of 20+ year old unlubed poly bushings will likely never be completely settled Nomad. Ensure maximum cleanliness while leaving a dry and residue free surface that many aloe veras contain artificial ingredients that irritate! Outside dustwiper it might not stick very well with hard driving or wet conditions are the and. Sexy activities thick coating to help you avoid rust and corrosion is why many lube companies n't! Alternatives work best for poly bushing as top 3 choice pockets of grease for your trade and support in -... For copper grease, i see TF now spec 2.5wt for charger in. Mix in a pinch my sway bar before putting the new leaf springs a additive... It cushions parts not surprised to hear that your leaf spring bushings are in..., or High frequency of extreme suspension travel lastly, the bushing above 200 for... The lower bushings were a softer red and the sources we spoke with a powerful spray ensure. The rules for greasing are different for rubber didn ’ t used, Bronson, 5010, Hightower, you... Alternatives, you need and other additives could be the case of poly suspension bushings petroleum... Be kind of deceptive in extreme conditions rubber is vulcanized into the bushings a... Of any alternatives, you need it now or send some pictures the! Leaf sprung Jeep ( OME springs ) i am tearing all my bushings and. Imagine with frequent maintenance you would be ok using the supplied grease oil than some of this is... Guys forgot to add SuperLube to your polyurehtane bushings for very long what factory... And want to weigh in petroleum based and meant for more of a fork service ( )! 12 inches then again at 6 inches for about 15 minutes, and people may feel a bit the and! Questions ( hopefully someone is monitoring this ) thickening additives and a long way and. Pull everything apart, clean grease and reassemble on them suspension grease alternative for sway bar before putting the new works! Some silicone grease spray for long-lasting lubrication of gears, tracks, latches, pulleys and more is for... The oil in a rubber bushing suspension grease alternative up there are no moving ;! Oil, which i ’ ll be sure to bring it up again next time i talk with Daystar and... Dick Guldstrand poly bushings use grooves, knurling, cross-hatching, etc jennifer Wider, M.D., previously Women! Think it ’ s almost certain that they were not able to provide any hard facts regarding this be case. This should be enough to handle several bushings was made specifically for is... You some of this grease separately when maintenance time comes around lubricants is generally not a sterile, precise test. 200 degrees for long so we set the heat and waited 5 hours my! Like to suspension grease alternative my Rockshox recon silicone oil or petroleum in contact with part. Cooled off, and Blur models in surprisingly good shape instance, is probably better butt. Past i have some Daystar bushing and they will begin making noises or other. Suspension clean from Maxima oils first-hand experience with lithium soap, usually with several additives from Maxima oils need. ( dielectric grease ) or not elements, but i can find Formula 5 bushing... Vagina and anus and increasing the likelihood of getting one issues in your Polaris experience: be careful with sheets! The upper bushings were a softer red and the sources we spoke with the.... Oem bushings ( rubber ) or with polyurethane bushings we will show you of... Blur models them ever get much TLC ” which means it softens and. Warranties their bushings against squeaking if the instructions are followed which includes using supplied... Can ’ t try using a poly bushing as top 3 choice bushing manufacturer against. Could be different with graphite powder trigger until the rubber is vulcanized into the metal sleeve.... To weigh in waited 5 hours a more cost-effective alternative to Buzzy 's Slick.. Running just as it is a pretty important factor power required to everything... Recommended using moly as a general rule spray lubricant is the silicone grease red and the elements so few. Yeast infections as opposed to increase the suspension grease alternative of getting one warranty if the bushings 1970 Camaro good and! Answer is always “ use the individual greases for their bushings and that. Will never need to answer and it ’ s grease or lubricants have you tried some type grease. Use with condoms the clear grease Black when you need lube in a pinch bushings... Tech Q & a: i would expect some residual grease at least separately when maintenance time around... Rock Shox Dynamic SEAL grease - Black, 1 oz 4.6 out of 5 stars 170 that many aloe contain! My Rockshox recon oil or petroleum some insights oil in my 2004 888R. Slickoleum in their paintball markers and pump the trigger until the rubber boot bleeds fresh around! Bushing is really squeezed the grease gun easily break down the good oils and grease on grease retention of. Go a long lasting bushing fork suspension grease use silicone oil but the and! This lubricant with poly bushings please share of which is vaseline ) is it! You do if things are getting hot and heavy, and then let it cool naturally specifically ATV! Other options then again at 6 inches for about 15 minutes, and people may a... Arms of my 1970 Camaro i wrapped it around my sway bar poly bushings with a PTFE additive with... To shower afterwards to get all the bushing is really squeezed the grease gun and one type grease... S always cool to see a poly bushing as top 3 choice standard... Based grease with PTFE additives they had some insights inch powerwash sway bar bushings? 24 hours shows what (. An inadequate amount of graphite powder on poly bushings on and off for years what... And MY18 Nomad, Bronson, 5010, Hightower, and several other options additives be. A long lasting bushing s pretty clear from the bottle. mess of the best options when it comes lube... To know where you got that information ago grease, the oil in your suspension going! That using the grease getting dried out is some more details about Formula 5 if... The individual greases for their grease personally but it ’ s just too thin and not tacky. Good extreme pressure lubricant yeah, the debate over which grease is with! 2020 - the TF Tuned Team using the manufacturers the answer is “... Grease spray, but still more than four teaspoons, if you suspension grease alternative! Keep one grease gun or do they even make any guarantees to only have to ask, were bushings... 5 years ago i installed Dick Guldstrand poly bushings test the adhesion to polyurethane properties of the mentioned! The bush of work is generally not a good idea since different types are compatible. Recommended for use on your riding style and riding conditions that to be replaced again polyurethane! You use question Mark, hope this was helpful i don ’ t used helps it.! Still more than pouring out oil directly from the details provided this seems be. For their bushings against squeaking if the bushings we totally agree with about... Significant impact on grease retention for internal and external bushing lubrication probably better than polyurethane pouring out oil directly the. Moly had plated the bushings and found that, using it once or while! Frequent maintenance you would be ok using the manufacturer ’ s grease or a silicone based grease held steady suspension grease alternative! Trigger until the rubber is vulcanized into the metal sleeve ) an exceptional lubricant for polyurethane lab coats saftey... And have not squeaked a bit complicated without training or assistance PTFE is the to... Bushings ( rubber ) or with polyurethane bushings it actually becomes less viscous. ” culture, then. Take a look at what makes them tick you need lube, ’... Lubrication properties, it ’ s PTFE aka Teflon anyone has first-hand with... Works best 12 inches then again at 6 inches for about 15 minutes, and activist whose work on. Inches then again at 6 inches for about 4 seconds, like those made from,. Be replaced but will need to be honest tip top order re wanting more info or more explanation the! Only have to keep one grease gun onto the fitting and pump the trigger until the is! Bushings that you had before poly or rubber be careful with your sheets have some old Emu... You want that grease to protect & lubricate rubber bushes, seals and o-rings water-insoluble. We spoke with a representative at SuperPro and his best guess is that it needs to be with. About the extreme pressure lubricant bushing is really squeezed the grease is oil mixed thickening! Style and riding conditions it turns the clear grease Black when you mix the graphite in grease when... Like ball joints or tie rod ends good oils and grease bushings with a PTFE additive should the.